Google Nears EU Settlement

Google Inc. appeared to have made a significant step toward settling a long-running competition case with the European Union over its signature search engine after the EU’s competition chief said new Google concessions had moved it much closer to addressing key antitrust concerns.

Europe Thinks Google Can Do Better on Search Concessions

Europe wants Eric Schmidt and company to do better.

EU Regulators Eye Google Again — This Time It’s Android

More trouble for Google abroad.


EU to Ask More of Google

Last month, Google submitted to the EU’s antitrust arm plans to tweak how its search results are displayed, after competitors said it was treating them unfairly.

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EU Says It Will Market-Test Google’s Antitrust Proposal

Google has submitted a set of formal commitments in response to antitrust concerns about its search business, said European Commission competition head Joaquin Almunia. The next step is for the EU to “market-test” the proposal with the goal of setting legally binding commitments, reports Bloomberg. Both of those steps would be beyond what the U.S. FTC did, but it’s the substance that matters.

EU May Fine Microsoft Over Browser Ballot Bungle

Sorry is never enough.

European Decision on Google Antitrust Pushed to the End of Summer (Or Later)

Thought that whole Google antitrust brouhaha was over? It’s really not.

Just Under Deadline, Google Responds to European Antitrust Concerns

The big question is whether the EC extracts more concessions from Google than the U.S. — so, here’s some detail on that.

EU Still Wants to Challenge Google “Diverting Traffic” to Its Own Services

Google is abusing its dominance of the search market, according to European Commission competition official Joaquin Almunia.

FTC Chairman Pushing for a Google Antitrust Decision This Week

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz is behind a charge to settle the Google antitrust investigation before the end of the week.