Yahoo’s Mayer on the Talent Hunt for Tech Journalists (Even From AllThingsD!)

It’s nice to see Yahoo finally acknowledging the importance of what tech journalists do, even if it means Marissa is trying to poach in our pond.

An Amazonian Challenge: Jason Del Rey Joins All Things Digital, Covering Online Commerce

As the Internet of Things escalates and the offline and online worlds continue to combine, this reporter will chronicle it.

Things Get Emotional on the Front Stoop

Little value for journalists or their readership is created in the race to be first. We need a media that races to be right.

Dave Pell, in a blog post entitled “Get Off My Stoop”

As Yahoo Readies Doling Out Alibaba Billions to Shareholders, Mayer Memo Says Tech Reporters Can’t Add

One plus one equals — wait, I am stumped …

Facebook’s Sandberg Has Penned “Lean In” — A Book on Women and Leadership — Set for 2013 Publication

Get ready to debate whether a woman can write a book and run a social networking giant at the same time.

Tweeting in the Danger Zone

You’re watching this unbelievable hysterical optimism despite the terror.

— Mona Eltahawy on citizen journalists on Twitter in Syria and elsewhere, speaking at SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas

Go the F**k Back to Sleep, Silicon Valley: Facebook IPO Likely to File Later Today at Earliest

I am already back to dreaming about champagne wishes and caviar dreams (for geeks, but not for me!).

Sarah Lacy Debuts New Tech Site, PandoDaily — $2M+ in Funding and Guess Who’s Working for Her? (Video)

Here’s the brave woman who will be the new boss of Michael Arrington, M.G. Siegler and Paul Carr. (You read that right.)

Nerd Alert: Here Come Two More Google Books!