Julius Genachowski

Chairman of the FCC

Genachowski has been the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission since June 2009. Prior to his appointment, he spent more than 10 years working in the technology industry, co-founding LaunchBox Digital and Rock Creek Ventures. From 1997-2005, he was a senior executive at IAC/ InterActiveCorp. Genachowski has two decades of experience in public service and the private sector. Among other positions, he has served as chief counsel at the FCC, as a law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court for Justices David Souter and William J. Brennan, and on the staff of the House select committee investigating Iran-Contra. He is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician, in the event you find yourself feeling very unwell at the conference.

Posts With Julius Genachowski

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The new FCC head addresses worries that his days as a cable- and wireless-industry lobbyist would make him more interested in industry concerns than in fighting for consumers’ rights.


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There is no evidence that crippling spectrum auctions would accomplish the Obama administration’s policy objectives for universal broadband.
mobile antennae

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AllThingsD examines the legacy of Julius Genachowski, who on Friday announced his intent to step down as Federal Communications Commission Chairman.


FCC Chairman Genachowski to Step Down

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski, the top regulator of U.S. telecom companies, is set to announce Friday that he will step down, an FCC official and an industry official said Thursday.

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The White House on Monday came out in full support of the rights of consumers to unlock their cellphones once they have fulfilled the terms of their contract.

More Wi-Fi Spectrum on the Way, Says Genachowski

“We’ve got to get what we can out of every megahertz of spectrum and seize these opportunities.”

FCC Chairman Would Like to Use Gadgets During Takeoff, Landing

The head of the FCC is pushing for regulations that allow greater in-flight gadget use.

US, Mexico Teaming Up to Fight Cross-Border Mobile Device Trafficking

The move follows a U.S. effort announced in April to create a shared industry database to help prevent use of stolen devices.