The KatieCam Collection

In a series of fast and fun interviews, Katie Boehret got D11 headliners talking about all sorts of non-digital things.

KatieCam: What’s On Nuance CEO Paul Ricci’s Bookshelf (Video)

Because Siri won’t read “War and Peace” to you.

KatieCam: Atheer’s Soulaiman Itani and Allen Yang Talk About Sleep

But you really should be awake to use Atheer.

KatieCam: Steven Sinofsky Does Yoga Every Day (Video)

No wonder he seemed so at peace with Microsoft at D11.

KatieCam: Tesla’s Elon Musk on Being a Dad (Video)

Because trying to colonize Mars alone isn’t enough responsibility.

KatieCam: Yves Behar and Jason Johnson on Teamwork (Video)

How do you lock a team in place? Ask August.

KatieCam: Motorola’s Regina Dugan on Dancing and Cooking (Video)

All the ingredients for a compelling evening.

KatieCam: Jeff Zucker’s Summer Travel Plans

Jeff Zucker, CNN president, tells Katie Boehret about his summer plans.

KatieCam: What Does Ben Silbermann Pin? (Video)

Aspirational as well as practical pins.

KatieCam: Outside the Box With Aaron Levie (Video)

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, tells Katie Boehret about being a magician.

KatieCam: Nightcap Gathering Video

KatieCam: Backstage at D8

KatieCam: Welcome to D8