Analyst: Flash Could Be Hogging PlayBook Battery Life

Despite Research in Motion’s best efforts to silence them, questions about the battery life of its forthcoming PlayBook tablet have followed the company into the new year. In a sequel to his original research note suggesting the PlayBook’s battery life is “relatively poor” compared to rivals’, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu reiterates that claim, saying he would be “very surprised if PlayBook matches anywhere near the battery life of the iPad.”

RIM: PlayBook Battery Life Will Be “Comparable,” Not Crappy

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook does not suffer from poor battery life. Or, rather, if it does now it won’t when it finally ships.

BlackBerry PlayBook: Car Battery Not Included [UPDATED]

If Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook is to succeed at market the way the company hopes, there are a few engineering hurdles to overcome. The most significant, according to Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, is the pre-release device’s relatively poor battery life. Sources tell him the tablet currently lasts just a few hours per charge.


Apple: Where Are The TV Apps, Asks Kaufman

Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu this morning responds to Apple’s (AAPL) announcement yesterday it was closing in on one million units sold of the Apple TV, writing that the company should add support for its iOS apps on the device.

Analyst: Verizon iPhone Deal Still Not Sealed

Apple will likely bring the iPhone to another U.S. carrier in the next year–but that carrier may not be Verizon. While the company is said to be a front-runner for the device, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu says that a deal with Apple isn’t final and that T-Mobile and Sprint remain possibilities.

Supply Constraints Hampering iPhone Sales?

Here’s an anomaly in the otherwise ebullient parade of research notes on Apple lately: An analyst lowering his iPhone sales forecast. Observing that near-term Street estimates on iPhone sales are “likely too aggressive due to inventory drawdown and supply constraints,” Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu slashed his June quarter iPhone forecast to 7.5 million units from 9 million–a cut of about 20 percent.

Gripping Antenna Drama Won’t Hold iPhone 4 Back, Says Analyst

Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu says concerns over the iPhone 4’s antenna performance are overblown and aren’t likely to affect sales. But if complaints become more widespread, Apple might consider giving away those $29 bumpers it designed to protect the device.

Could the iPhone’s Next U.S. Carrier Be T-Mobile?

AT&T’s iPhone-exclusivity deal is nearing its end. And when it gets there, Apple will bring the device to a new U.S. carrier. But it’s not going to be Verizon. It’s going to be T-Mobile. That’s the theory put forth by Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, who argues that the carrier is a more likely candidate than Verizon because its network wouldn’t require Apple to build a separate iPhone to support it.

Apple to Debut, Mac Pro and MacBook Air Refreshes at WWDC?

The big news coming out of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 in early June will almost certainly be a next-generation iPhone, a device with specs much like those leaked earlier this spring. But there may be a few other announcements as well. The next version of the Mac OS X, perhaps. And beyond that, some news about the Mac and iTunes.

Apple’s Mac Business Headed for Another Big Quarter

We haven’t even reached the midpoint of the June quarter, but it already looks like Apple’s financials for the period will be as strong, if not stronger, than they’ve been in quarters past. In a research note issued this morning, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu says his checks suggest that sales for both the iPad and new MacBook Pro are strong.

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