REUNITED! This Time, Jeff Bezos Bets on Henry Blodget.

And now for a brief history lesson.
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Henry Blodget Is Quietly Planning a Stunning Return to Wall Street

Secrets revealed! A bit! In Ken Auletta’s New Yorker profile!

Larry Page Declares He Is Above the Fray

Though outside observers who know Google very well describe Larry Page, in his first year back as CEO, as singularly impatient, Page offered a sort of serenity in a rare interview.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, the New Yorker and Women in Silicon Valley

Well-known New Yorker writer Ken Auletta has taken on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in the magazine, with a largely glowing profile titled provocatively: “A Woman’s Place: Can Sheryl Sandberg Upend Silicon Valley’s Male-Dominated Culture?” My short answer is: No, she can’t. But good for anyone for trying!

Nerd Alert: Here Come Two More Google Books!

Although there have already been several big-deal books on Google already–including Ken Auletta’s “Googled,” which was bought by Hollywood for a movie–a new pair is about to debut in coming months. One is penned by prominent Silicon Valley journalist Steven Levy, who had a lot of access to the Google and its denizens, and the other is what appears to be an insiderish tell-all by a former employee.

Is Larry Page the Consummate Anti-Social CEO?

Google’s new CEO isn’t much for the social Web. If he has a presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn it was created with deep privacy settings or a fake name. I couldn’t even find a fleshed-out Google profile for Larry Page.

AOL and Facebook Get the New Yorker Treatment

Within the next several weeks, the New Yorker magazine will be publishing big pieces about a pair of digital icons located on the East and West coasts–an assessment of the turnaround at AOL by staff writer Ken Auletta and a profile of Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg by Huffington Post senior contributing editor Jose Antonio Vargas. So fire up the iPad!

BoomTown Casts the Google Movie (You're Welcome, Hollywood!)

With the news that a Hollywood production company is working on a movie about Google, based on the non-fiction book “Googled: The End of the World as We Know It,” by Ken Auletta, BoomTown has been noodling on which actors would be good to cast in the various roles of the top players. While the Google film is not as juicy as the upcoming fall film about Facebook, there is plenty of opportunity to bring a little glamour to the Googleplex.

Nexus One: $174.15 in Parts, $355.85 in…er…Incidentals

If you were to build it yourself, Google’s new Nexus One superlative-phone would set you back about $174.15, according to a teardown conducted by iSuppli. That’s almost $5 less than the $179 T-Mobile is charging for the device with a two-year service plan. But its about a third of its unsubsidized price–$530.

Intel Makes Leap in Device to Aid Impaired Readers

Walt Mossberg reviews the Intel Reader, a book-sized device aimed at assisting people with impaired vision or language-related disabilities.

Walt Mossberg Interview on C-SPAN