No Update on Microsoft CEO Search, but Company Divides in Five New Business Segments

At a Thursday analyst meeting, Microsoft had nothing to say about who will lead it when CEO Steve Ballmer steps down.

Microsoft Aims to Reintroduce Itself to Wall Street

Amid a massive reorganization, a huge deal to buy Nokia’s phone business, and a looming change at the top, Microsoft plans to hold its first financial analyst meeting in two years.

Call: Ballmer on How There Can Be Only One at Microsoft

And by one, we mean a whole lot of voices.

Aiming for “Functional Coherence,” Mulling a Different P&L and With Advice From Ford CEO, Microsoft Restructuring Set for Thursday

Get ready for the rumble — and you know Steve Ballmer loves to rumble.

The Era of Their Ways: Apple’s Post-PC World Is Microsoft’s PC-Plus Future

Apple says it’s like the transition from trucks to cars. Microsoft figures you’ll own a fleet of vehicles. Or something like that.

More Microsoft Stores Means More Surface Showrooms

Microsoft is more than halfway to its goal of opening 75 more brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Steve Ballmer Gets a “B” Grade From Microsoft’s Board

Still, the CEO’s performance was good enough to warrant a bonus equivalent to 100 percent of his base salary. But it could have been higher. If only Windows Phone sales were better.

Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting 2011: It’s a Windows World After All!

AllThingsD‘s Ina Fried and I are being held hostage by nefarious Microsoft PR chieftain Frank Shaw in a soul-sapping ballroom in Anaheim, Calif. — within spitting distance of Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” ride — for the software giant’s annual meeting with Wall Street peeps.

Mr. Ballmer’s Wild Ride! Microsoft Execs Will Address Wall Street Suits Today.

Hey, kids, it’s time for the Microsoft Mouse Club at the annual Financial Analysts Meeting in Anaheim today.

Microsoft Opens Colorado Retail Store in Wyoming

Lone Tree, Colorado, is not a city in Wyoming, guys.

Microsoft Muscles Past Expectations

Microsoft Tweaks Laptop Hunter Ads

Laptop Punters

Microsoft Disappoints…Big Time