Viral Video: It’s Another Tequila Sunrise for George Clooney

It could happen to you (not).

EBay Unveils Crowd-Sourced Exclusive Fashion Collection

For the first time, eBay is letting consumers dictate the contents of the next designer fashion collection that it will sell exclusively online.

News Byte

Spotify Isn't in the U.S., but It's Hiring Here

Spotify has one U.S. label deal and at least one more–with Citigroup’s EMI–that’s very, very close. That doesn’t mean the music service is guaranteed to land in the States, but it’s hiring as if it will: It has just picked up former LimeWire engineer John Pavley, and will put him to work at Spotify’s New York office. It’s also looking for a finance pro.

News Byte

Warner Music Group Tech Exec Ethan Kaplan Exits

Ethan Kaplan, the Warner Music Group tech guru last seen here thinking deep thoughts about data, is leaving the company. Kaplan, whose most recent post saw him running the “emerging technology” unit for the label, explains why he’s leaving on his blog, though he doesn’t say what he’ll be doing next. Meantime he’ll continue running the R.E.M. fansite

Money! Pink Floyd Stays at EMI–and iTunes.

Roger Waters and crew said they didn’t want their record label selling singles in Apple’s music store. But those concerns seem to have been resolved.

D: Dive Into Mobile: The Full Interview Video of Spotify's Daniel Ek

And today, here’s Spotify’s Daniel Ek singing for his supper. Well, not in the U.S. as yet, where the Swedish CEO and co-founder of the innovative streaming music service has not been able to make good on his promise to strike deals with music labels.

Q: Why No Twitter Board Seat for Kleiner's John Doerr? A: His Google Board Seat (Plus, Is the Star VC Looking at Spotify and Groupon Next?)

Star venture capitalist John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins paid $150 million for a stake in Twitter and all he didn’t get was a board seat. That’s due to another directorship he has at search giant Google. Maybe Doerr will get one at Spotify or Groupon, where he could be investing next.

Target Buys Black Friday From Twitter–But Wal-Mart Gets Justin Bieber

Target pays Twitter for top billing today. But a pop idol boost gives Wal-Mart plenty of exposure, too–and Twitter doesn’t make a dime for that.

Warner Music Still Pining for Google. But What About Spotify?

That Google Music launch doesn’t look like it’s on the table for this year. Meanwhile Spotify is getting very close to a yea-or-nay decision on a 2010 U.S. debut….

Spotify's Real News: No News! But Big Bags of Cash Might Help

Spotify still doesn’t have a single deal with a U.S. music label, which makes it impossible to launch the service here. But a combination of compromise and cash could still get things done. And a pact with Sony is now “essentially signable.”

Beatles Boost EMI. (But About That Debt…)