Don’t Regulate Me, Bro! Social Casino Companies Band Together to “Inform” Lawmakers.

The social casino gaming trade group ISGA wants to stop government regulation before it can start. Whether it’s going to start is another question.

The ZuckerPAC Says It Cares About All Immigrants, Not Just the Techies

The Facebook founder’s political action group aims to burnish its image while supporting a writer and activist’s recent film project.

As Senate Passes Immigration Bill, the ZuckerPAC Takes a Victory Lap

A win for immigration reform means a win for Mark Zuckerberg’s political action committee,

Apple Pumping More Money Into Lobbying

And to think, a decade ago, Apple spent a little over a half a million dollars on Washington lobbying efforts …

Please Welcome Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Brad Smith and Sean Parker to the ZuckerPAC

Mark Zuckerberg brings more of his powerful friends to the roster of his political advocacy group inside the Beltway.

Google on Track for Another Record High: Lobbying Expenses

It’s not just the stock price that has gone up this year.


Google’s Driverless Car Draws Political Power

Google has been working with a network of local lobbyists and in-house policy experts to woo legislators with demonstrations and rides in its exotic cars.

News Byte

Facebook Beats Its Own Quarterly Lobbying Spending Record

Facebook spent $960,000 on lobbying Congress in the second quarter, according to a recent disclosure filing. That’s the most the company has spent on lobbying in a single quarter, as National Journal notes. Among the issues lobbied were various consumer privacy acts, do-not-track legislation and the Global Online Freedom Act. Google also broke its own second-quarter record, spending close to $4 million.

Google’s Q1 Federal Lobbying Receipt: $5M

Google spent $5.03 million on federal lobbying in the first quarter of 2012, according to a regulatory document filed Friday.

Netflix Says Its PAC Is Not About SOPA

Yes, Reed Hastings wants to influence government. Just like lots of big media and tech companies.

Apple's D.C. Lobbying Efforts Get Fierce

WTF? Web Throws Cheeseheads for a Loop.