Toshiba to Lay Off 3,000 From Troubled TV Unit

Drastic measures for a poorly performing business.

Confirmed: LivingSocial Slashes 400 Jobs in Attempt at Profitability

The second-largest daily deals company confirmed it laid off roughly 10 percent of its workforce today.

RIM May Not Survive, but Its Founders’ Nonprofit Side Projects Will

Like the BlackBerry? Too bad. Fancy theoretical physics or global governance? RIM’s founders have funded two nonprofits that are on far more solid ground.


Profits Don’t Always Stick in China’s Web

The only thing growing faster than China’s e-commerce sector seems to be the losses of firms burning cash to gain market share.

Sprint Now Gaining Subscribers Instead of Losing Them

Good news for long-suffering Sprint Nextel investors: Customer retention has finally improved to the point where the carrier is able to report actual gains in postpaid subscribers, rather than losses.


Activision Cuts Losses; Stock Drops on Weaker Outlook

Activision Blizzard on Wednesday posted narrower quarterly losses on the back of better-than-expected sales of blockbuster video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops and the latest from its World of Warcraft franchise. However, the company’s shares slid more than 6 percent after-hours after it issued a forecast for the current quarter and fiscal year that were both sharply lower than Wall Street’s expectations.

R&D Spending: Nokia Vs. Apple Shows Size Doesn't Matter

Some additional perspective on Nokia’s massive mobile R&D spend and a point of comparison for its market return. Extrapolating from Bernstein Research data that estimates Nokia spent $3.9 billion on mobile research and development, Asymco’s Horace Dediu has calculated Apple’s mobile R&D spend, and there’s an astonishingly wide gulf between the two.

Not Seeing Much Return on That Massive R&D Spend, Are You, Nokia?

Nokia spent scads of cash on research and development last year, but didn’t see much return on it. Certainly, the investment did little to slow the continuing deterioration of its competitive position.

Roll ’Em Up! Video Back-End Company KIT Digital Buys KickApps, Kyte, Kewego

One buyer, three exits: KIT Digital, which helps big companies manage Web video delivery, has picked up three start-ups for a total of $77 million.


AT&T Plans $2.7 Billion Charge

AT&T Inc. will take a pretax charge of about $2.7 billion in the fourth quarter in a move to simplify how it accounts for pension and other post-retirement benefits.

Tesla Motors Plans IPO

Palm Posts Loss, Announces Stock Offering