AOL’s Susan Lyne on Trying to Make Bank With Online Content and More! (Video)

Also, what’s up with Patch?

AOL Turns Moviefone Over to BermanBraun for Reboot

Press one for a much-needed overhaul of the service that still lives in 1999.

Inside the CES Lost & Found

Inside the CES Lost & Found booth, the iPhone is the hot ticket — among other … non-tech-related items.

S.F. Police Comment on Latest Lost Apple iPhone Prototype

After much mishegas, here is the San Francisco Police Department report on yet another missing Apple iPhone prototype. Insert joke [here].

News Byte

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One: An iPhone Prototype Goes Missing in a Bar

You’d think that after last year’s humiliating iPhone 4 prototype caper, Apple would have taken extraordinary precautions to protect pre-release versions of future iPhones taken into the field for testing. Evidently not. The company has lost another prototype iPhone. And like the one that preceded it, this one too was lost in a bar. CNET has the scoop, and the company is declining comment. Apple should really begin requiring signed sobriety pledges from anyone given a prototype.

Is Netflix Ready To Save Its First Show?

Reed Hastings says he’s interested in funding shows that the TV networks don’t want to pay for anymore. So here’s a candidate: NBC’s “The Event.” Doesn’t seem likely, but then again, neither did “House Of Cards.”

BP: Our Data Blowout Preventers Don't Work Properly Either

Another messy spill for BP. The energy company has lost a laptop containing the personal information of thousands of people who filed claims related to last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Shocking Bieber Upset: Oil Spill Tops Twitter's 2010 Trends

Although World Cup tweeting caused record high volume and infrastructure demands on Twitter, the most-discussed topic on Twitter this year was actually the Gulf oil spill, said the San Francisco-based company tonight.

Netflix Adds More Disney/ABC Shows–But Not the Ones You Missed Last Night

A familiar trade for Netflix: It gets more content for its Web streaming service, but agrees to wait longer to show off some of it. Want to watch TV shows that ran yesterday? Go somewhere else.

Hulu Orders Up a New Bite-Size Show. It's Going to Taste a Lot Like "Talk Soup."

Hulu is a great place to see shows that just ran on TV. Is it a good place to see Internet shows that talk about shows that just ran on TV? Stay tuned!

Hulu's "Modern Family" Problem

"Lost" Screen Time Pie Chart