The Spring Is a Combo of Yelp, Loyalty Programs and Kickstarter for Social Good

The concept behind The Spring is meant to be simple — “dine out and do good.”

American Express to Let Cardholders Pay NYC Taxi Fares With Membership Rewards Points

The move marks the loyalty program’s first step in what will likely be the program’s major expansion into the physical world.

iPhone Leads Android in Smartphone Loyalty

iPhone owners like their handsets more than Android owners like theirs.

News Byte

Belly Now Aims Its Loyalty Platform at National Enterprise Businesses

Chicago-based Belly said it was rolling out its customer loyalty and marketing platform to larger national enterprise clients. The startup has been aimed at the consumer market and smaller businesses since its launch in 2011, focused on increasing customer engagement, driving repeat business and helping attract new customers. Belly said it has been working with 40 national chains representing more than 500 current locations, using a system that includes a tech platform, an in-store tablet, analytics and marketing, as well as helping clients do email campaigns, social media integration and other mobile marketing.

Pirq Snaps Up $1.2 Million for Low-Tech Loyalty Program

Many believe that the future of tracking purchases and making payments lies with smartphone applications or NFC, but this company is betting on text messaging.

Why Zynga Should Have Seen Draw Something’s Fall Coming

A study conducted by Flurry, a mobile-analytics provider, found that social games can be among the most intensely used apps, but they have a short shelf life.

PayPal Trumps Square’s Deal With Starbucks by Partnering With Discover

The deal means that PayPal will be accepted in all of Discover’s seven million locations by next year, including all 7,000 Starbucks.

FreeMonee Grabs $34 Million to Compete in the Digital Coupon Craze

Who knew it was so expensive to save money?

Exclusive: FiveStars Picks Up $14 Million to Challenge the Loyalty Punch Card

The Mountain View, Calif., company is trying to eliminate the need for loyalty punch cards in a very low-tech way — in other words, no fancy iPads or mobile applications.

Scoutmob Attracts Investors and Partners by Saying It’s Not a Daily Deals Company

Scoutmob was able to attract $3.25 million in new funding and a major new payments partner by pitching itself as a mobile company and not as a fledgling competitor in the daily deals space.