Fingerprint Confidential

Walt answers a reader’s question on whether the iPhone 5s sends fingerprint information over the Internet.

An Email Inbox That Knows Who’s Important

Katie reviews Cloze, a free Apple iOS app that studies your emails and social-network interactions, then sorts messages according to people it thinks matter most to you.

Lettrs Tackles Letter-Sending in the Digital Age

Lettrs is like Evite for letters: It’s nicer than sending a simple email, but there are some things you just wouldn’t use it for.

That Yahoo Mail Vulnerability? Not Really Fixed.

Well, it’s kinda fixed, but not in way that prevents the same thing from happening again.

Yahoo Mail Endures Another Hacking Vulnerability

One more crack in the wall.

Along With New Homepage, Yahoo Also Set to Launch a “Gmail-Like” Email Reboot to Slow Gmail Gains

Signed, sealed, about to be delivered.

The Debut of Yahoo CEO Mayer: “Tailor-Made” for Marissa

The troubled Silicon Valley Internet giant apparently fits her like a glove.

Email Dispute

Email, upper case, lower case, any case, is the electronic version of the interoffice, inter-organizational mail system, the email we all experience today — and email was invented in 1978 by a 14-year-old working in Newark, NJ. The facts are indisputable.

Noam Chomsky, from a Tuesday statement in support of V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai’s often-disputed claim to have invented email

Is Browsing a Catalog More Fun on a Tablet?

Testing three free catalog-aggregating apps to see how well they replaced paper.

As Skype Skips Through Approvals — What’s the Deal With the Deal?

As the deal officially closes, what’s next?

A Tablet With a Keyboard

Is My Email Address My Identity?

Apple iPad Event Liveblog