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Under Armour Buys MapMyFitness for $150 Million

Performance-gear maker Under Armour, which has been increasing its efforts in the digital-fitness space, has said it will acquire MapMyFitness for $150 million. Austin-based MapMyFitness makes a family of iOS and Android apps — MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk — that track workouts and allow people to share those maps through the apps. MapMyFitness claims over 20 million registered users.

Circa’s Matt Galligan on Building a Different Kind of News Reader (Video)

Mobile news apps are hot. Summly just sold for a ridonkulous amount of money, for example. So what’s up with the “atomic bits” list-makers of the San Francisco?

Google Maps for iPhone Returns Better Than Ever

The new iPhone version of Google Maps isn’t just better than Apple Maps, but also better, in most respects, on the iPhone than it is on Android phones.

Marissa Mayer’s First Live Interview (Which ATD Had to Virtually Sneak Into): God. Family. Yahoo.

Going down those Internet pipes is really tight.

Making Sure the Next Zuckerberg or Gates Stays Put at Harvard

Earlier today, Harvard University and New Enterprise Associates announced the Experiment Fund, aimed at making sure that future entrepreneurs can stay on campus and innovate without having to head West.

Google+’s Horowitz Talks About Joining Board of Wordnik, as Online Dictionary Site Garners $8M More in Funding (Video)

It’s the first board seat ever for Horowitz, who has been a bit busy of late launching the search giant’s first successful social networking product.

Liveblog: Is Yahoo Still in Search? Indeed and It's Answers Not Links!

At least once a day, BoomTown gets a call from investors, analysts or other troublemaking types–you know who you are!–wondering why Yahoo is still plugging away in search. With a declining market share in the arena and a search technology outsourcing deal with Microsoft, it’s not a bad question to ask. But Yahoo begs to differ, introducing a new feature called Yahoo Search Direct at an event in San Francisco today.

Got Broadband? Not Sure? There's a Map for That.

It took two years and $350 million, but America now has a detailed map showing where all its broadband Internet connections are and where they are not.

Google Latitude Adds Check-Ins (How 2009!)

Today Google Latitude will give users the ability to share their location with friends and strangers by “checking in” to a particular establishment.

If Speed Matters, Why Is American Broadband So Slow?

The Communications Workers of America have completed their latest survey of broadband connections in the U.S., and if the point wasn’t already well-established, then they’re here to remind you: Broadband connections in America are slow, and service availability is lousy or non-existent in many areas.

Bing Hearts Android

New Verizon Ad Hits AT&T Where It Hurts