Despite Apple’s Modest Earnings Guidance, the Street Expects Big Things

What should we look for when Apple reports after market close today?

Apple Doesn’t Need a $200 iPad Mini

When has Apple ever played at the bottom of the pricing barrel?

Look for a Fall iPhone Blowout

With the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone scheduled for the week of Sept. 9, Wall Street analysts are beginning to hazard guesses as to how many of them Apple might conceivably sell.

With HP Shares Falling, Views of Director Whitworth Take on Importance

As HP shares have set seven-year lows, its newest director, the activist investor Ralph Whitworth, who has a history of pushing for corporate breakups, has doubled his holdings.

Finally! Things Are Looking Up for IT Spending, Survey Finds.

A survey of 100 CIOs at large companies finds that their sentiment is moving in a distinctly optimistic direction, which is good news overall. But not for everyone.

Hot Air Rises: Lightest MacBook Could Bring In $7 Billion Next Year

Apple’s $7 billion baby …

Fire Will Kindle Interest in iPad

Could the Fire expand the iPad’s addressable market?

Kindle Fire, the Netbook of the Tablet Market?

Harsh analogy.

Ratchet Up Those iPhone Sales Estimates

One million first-day iPhone 4S preorders was just the beginning.

iPhone 4S: It’s the Software, Stupid.

Though it might seem more incremental upgrade than new iPhone, Wall Street analysts say Apple’s iPhone 4S isn’t nearly the disappointment that some claim.

J.P. Morgan on Kindle Fire: Meh.

No iPad 3 Until 2012

Apple Shares Down, but for How Long?