Facebook to Join S&P 500 and 100 Indices

The news jolts Facebook shares after hours.

Look Who’s Taking Dell’s Spot on the S&P 500

Ending a 17-year run.

Rally Software Acquires Frequent Partner Agile Advantage

A leader in so-called agile software development buys out a regular collaborator.

All Things Hired: Bonnie Cha Is Our Latest ATD Reviewer

ATD adds another staffer to the team.

Publisher Terry McGraw on Steve Jobs and Digital Textbooks: “This Was His Vision”

So will the McGraw-Hill CEO strike similar deals with Apple competitors like Amazon and Google? Good question.

Apple’s New Math. Or: Why a $15 E-Book Equals a $75 Paper Book.

It’s like the old “make it up on volume” joke. Except this time it might work, if students and school districts play along.

Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Join Apple in iPad Textbook Effort

The textbook triumvirate is onboard for Apple’s new iBooks textbook store.

InsideView, an Intelligence Dashboard for Salespeople, Raises $12 Million

A personal CIA for salespeople, InsideView aims to turn data from social media, financial databases and other sources into useful business intelligence.

Textbook Makers Fund Inkling for Interactive iPad Editions

The iPad textbook creator Inkling has extended its Series A round to include leading educational publishers McGraw-Hill and Pearson, a coup that could help it get out ahead of other digital edition providers.


Textbooks Up Their Game

Maybe the iPad will move digital college textbooks out of theory and into practice. Although electronic book sales have exploded, digital college textbooks have been slow to get off the ground, in part because of high prices and hardware concerns. Now, a former Apple Inc. employee, Matt Mac Innis, is trying to shake up the market with a new approach that taps into the iPad’s strengths.

App Store: 1.5 Billion Served

Stink the Pink