The Future of the Desktop — Rendering the Operating System Irrelevant?

A SaaS-delivered GUI with quick access to HTML5 applications and data could be what’s next.

Arkadium Says Better Analytics Will Save Windows 8 Games

Why the 12-year-old studio is now getting into the numbers game.

New Acer PCs Will Launch Preloaded With Pokki-Powered Games, Including Zynga’s

The partnership makes a slew of Web-based games available to download and install in one click.

Does Windows 8 RT Have Enough Users for Its Own iTunes App?

“You shouldn’t expect an iTunes app on Windows 8 any time soon.”

Wi-Fi, Voice Calling Come to More New York City Subway Stations

Now New Yorkers will really have their heads buried in their phones.

News Byte

StumbleUpon Launches on Windows 8

Social discovery site StumbleUpon announced a Windows 8 application on Thursday, one of a number of early Microsoft partners to launch with the revamped operating system. Among other features, users can jump from site to site from within the “Metro-style” tiles that make up the new Windows interface. In line with the company’s latest initiative to ramp up social, the StumbleUpon app increases the focus on sharing content with other friends through the Windows 8 “Charm” interface.

Microsoft Finalizes Code for Windows 8

Microsoft reaches the “release to manufacturing” stage for its new operating system, which is set to go on sale and show up on new PCs starting Oct. 26.

Eye to Eye

Surface: Could It Be a Real iPad Competitor?

John Gruber and Mary Jo Foley weigh in on its prospects.

Microsoft’s Phone Efforts Move Into the Spotlight Wednesday

Microsoft is set to detail Apollo, the next version of Windows Phone, which moves the phone operating system much closer to the one that powers Windows desktops and laptops.

Microsoft, PC Industry Will Need Windows Upgrade Offer More Than Ever

With Windows 8 arriving as late as November, Microsoft is turning to its old standby — a guaranteed upgrade program.