Book Excerpt: How Minecraft Creator Markus Persson Almost Took a Job at Valve

An excerpt from Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson’s book about the creation of Minecraft, released in English this November.
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Why NBC Can’t Make Money From Its Latest “Saturday Night Live” Viral Video

You can see the Bruno Mars/Pandora sketch all over the Web. Except on the sites NBC owns.

Live From Pandora’s Headquarters, It’s Saturday Night!

When the power goes out at Pandora’s headquarters, intern Bruno Mars steps up to impersonate a string of artists.

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Whitney Houston’s Funeral to Be Livestreamed

Whitney Houston’s funeral — scheduled for Saturday in New Jersey with 1,500 invited guests, including a smattering of celebrities, expected to attend — will be available for real-time viewing on the Web through the Associated Press’s AP Live Web site, CNN reports. The last livestreamed megacelebrity funeral in recent memory was that of Michael Jackson, who died in July 2009. That Web broadcast spiked Web traffic by 19 percent.

Zynga’s CastleVille Has Stormed CityVille — But Can It Last?

Can swords and knights keep up the social gaming giant’s momentum or not?

Michael Jackson Facebook Concert Unplugged

Planning on spending Saturday in front of your computer, watching the Michael Jackson tribute concert stream on Facebook? Make a new plan.

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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Streaming Live on Facebook Pay-Per-View

To see the Oct. 8 Michael Jackson tribute concert┬áin person, you’ll need to spend up to $196 to get into the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. Or you can hop onto Facebook: “F-commerce” company Milyoni says it will stream the concert live on the social network. Virtual tickets are $3.99 in advance or $4.99 the day of, via this page.

Shocking Bieber Upset: Oil Spill Tops Twitter's 2010 Trends

Although World Cup tweeting caused record high volume and infrastructure demands on Twitter, the most-discussed topic on Twitter this year was actually the Gulf oil spill, said the San Francisco-based company tonight.

Michael Jackson Can't Help Sony Music Any More

Last year Jackson’s death spurred a boost in Sony’s sales. But that’s over, and the trend line is pointing down yet again.

Viral Video: Kanye West's 34-Minute Music Video (No, Really!)

You have to hand it to the ego-soaked imagination of singer Kanye West, who has debuted what appears to be the longest music video of all time for his song “Runaway.” It’s not just his Twitter rants that are wild, as you will find after digesting this gem–an art film, really.

Groupon's Andrew Mason Speaks!