Facebook Ads Work, Except When They Don’t. Sometimes. Maybe.

Do Facebook ads work? Ask the ad guys themselves. Just don’t expect a clear answer.

Yahoo Marketing VP Shane Steele Joins Twitter

Shane Steele, previously VP of global marketing for Yahoo, started at Twitter today as director of sales marketing.

Hey Look! That Crazy Stunt Bike Dude Has a New YouTube Video

Which happens to be a Red Bull ad. Not that you’d know it….

CBS Tells Ad Networks It’s Going Cold Turkey

CBS says it will stop doing business with ad networks, which are ubiquitous on the Web, and will offer access to its audience of 60 million unique visitors solely via its own salesforce. The company is one of a handful of big publishers trying to force buyers to pay more for its stuff. Clever or quixotic?

Hulu: Bigger, Friendlier. Still Missing Two Networks.

Lots of news emanating from Hulu today–but nothing ground-moving. That could still come in the near future: I keep hearing that the joint venture between NBC and Fox is getting close to a deal to bring ABC into the fold. But no confirmation yet. In the meantime, Hulu wants you to know that it’s the biggest video site that isn’t YouTube, and that it now boasts some social-network-like features.

Google, T-Mobile, Give AOL a Hand and a Big Check

Apple, Research In Motion and Google are duking it out for consumers’ smartphone dollars this fall. But here’s an early winner: Time Warner’s AOL, which has landed a $1 million contract to push Google’s G1 phone for the next two days. Wireless carrier T-Mobile, which is selling the phone in the U.S., is launching a big push on AOL’s Platform A ad network today. It has agreed to buy a billion impressions today and tomorrow.