Quip Is Great for Collaborating, but Still a Word-Processing Work in Progress

Quip is a new cloud-based word-processing app for the mobile age. Can it replace more mature products?
Quip Desktop

With $15M From Benchmark, Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s Quip Aims to Take Productivity Mobile

Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor is now on a mission to “build the productivity suite for the mobile era.”

Surface Pro: Hefty Tablet Is a Laptop Lightweight

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet has some of the attributes of a laptop and is capable of running full-featured Windows 8, though at a price — in dollars and pounds, says Walt Mossberg.

Seven Questions for Google Enterprise Chief Amit Singh

Is Google Apps finally mainstream yet?

Google Acquires Quickoffice for Mobile Productivity Apps

Another acquisition for Google, this time with a mobile focus.

Running an iPad App on Windows

Walt answers a reader’s question on whether it’s possible to run an iPad app on a Windows computer.

Google Turns Word Comments, A Necessary Office Evil, Into Discussions

Google Docs tries to wrangle one of the great annoyances of office life — collaborating on documents — into a Twitter-like discussion.

Google's Cloud Connect Beta Is Over. Now Where's Office365?

Google has taken its Cloud Connect cloud add-on for Microsoft Office out of Beta, giving Office users on Windows the freedom to collaborate via Google Apps. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s own Office365 is still in a limited beta test period.

Atrix 4G: Faux Laptop With a Phone For Brains

Walt reviews the Motorola Atrix 4G Android smart phone, which acts as the brains of a small laptop device.

The iPad Now Can Take Command of Computers

Walt looks at two apps that let the iPad take control of a PC or Mac remotely.