New BlackBerrys Could Buoy RIM for a Bit

RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 handsets could give the company a bit more traction in the consumer smartphone market.

Analyst Pegs First-Month PlayBook Sales at 250,000

Despite its poor critical reception, unresolved tethering issues and a recall of 1,000 units, Research In Motion’s PlayBook tablet is selling reasonably well. Channel checks conducted by RBC analyst Mike Abramsky suggest the company has sold an estimated 250,000 PlayBooks since launching the device.

First Day PlayBook Sales: Is 50,000 Too Big a Number?

The launch of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook earlier this week may not have been quite the spectacle for which the company had hoped, but first day sales appear to have been respectable, just the same.

Verizon’s iPhone Sales So Amazing They Can’t Even Put a Number On It

The company says it sold more phones in the first two hours than it had sold in any first-day launch in its history, though it declines to quantify the sales. Rest assured, it puts Kin sales to shame.

Survey: Pre-Release Appeal of PlayBook Half That of iPad

Strong buying intentions are developing around Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook ahead of its presumed March launch. Extrapolating from a post-CES consumer survey, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky concludes the device could sell four million units this calendar year and in excess of six million units in its first full year at market.

Analyst Impressed After Playing With PlayBook

Here’s one for the RIM bulls-–an analyst note predicting a strong debut for the company’s forthcoming PlayBook tablet. RBC’s Mike Abramsky spent some hands-on time with the PlayBook at CES and came away impressed

Growing Interest in BlackBerry PlayBook

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is still a ways off from market, but its mindshare is beginning to grow following a recent and impressive live demonstration at Adobe’s MAX conference. New data from ChangeWave shows a promising trend in PlayBook purchasing intentions.

RIM’s PlayBook: Scoring in Garbage Time

You wouldn’t know it from Research in Motion’s share price today–down 3.35 percent at $46.74–but analysts were generally impressed with the PlayBook, the “professional tablet” the company announced at its developer conference Monday.

Apple Earnings: No Better Antennagate Deodorant Than Success

Apple’s big third quarter earnings beat has sent the analysts who follow the company in search of new superlatives with which to describe its performance. A barrage of Apple research notes were broadcast this morning and they are positive to a one, though with a single point of concern: is Apple’s current pace sustainable?

Apple PR Stocks Up on Superlatives in Preparation for Earnings Report

When Apple reports third-quarter earnings Tuesday after the bell, the company will likely beat consensus estimates, as it often does. And it will likely offer strong, but comically conservative, guidance for the upcoming quarter, as it often does. But this quarter, it won’t necessarily be the iPhone driving the company to a beat, as it often does.

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