Just.me App Wants to Be a Switchboard Operator for All Your Messaging Needs

Do you use WhatsApp, Path, Instagram, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and a billion more apps? Just.me thinks it could just be your one and only.

It’s Official: The Era of the Personal Computer Is Over

Long live personal computing.

PayPal Trumps Square’s Deal With Starbucks by Partnering With Discover

The deal means that PayPal will be accepted in all of Discover’s seven million locations by next year, including all 7,000 Starbucks.

Ahead of Big Retail Push, PayPal Inks Deals With Top Hardware Vendors

Paypal is announcing that it has secured partnerships with three of the top point-of-sales providers, giving it access to nearly 40 million terminals worldwide.

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Flint Mobile Raises $3 Million in Capital for Mobile Payments App

Flint Mobile said it has raised $3 million in a first round of capital, and that it is launching its new mobile payments app, which enables merchants to process payments with a mobile phone. But rather than requiring a merchant to buy a card reader, the app allows the merchant to snap a picture of a credit card. The round, which will be used on product development and hiring, was led by Storm Ventures and True Ventures.

Sephora’s Not Afraid of Smartphone-Carrying Customers

To the contrary, Sephora is encouraging customers to use their phones in the store to help them shop.

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Intuit’s GoPayment Mobile Credit-Card Reader Beats Square’s into Canada

Intuit will soon launch its mobile credit-card reader in Canada, beating the well-funded-and-recognized Square to the market. Both companies distribute devices that allow small-scale merchants to accept credit cards on a cellphone or tablet; so far, Square only operates in the U.S. Intuit, the publicly held company that sells other small-business resources, such as QuickBooks, said its GoPayment device will be available in Canada early this year; it plans to push into other international markets in the future.

A Gift to Developers: A Quarter of a Billion Apps Downloaded on Christmas

A record number of applications were downloaded on Dec. 25, making it a very “appy” Christmas for at least some mobile developers.

Verizon Wireless and American Express Find an Intermediary Path to Mobile Payments

Verizon Wireless is announcing a partnership with American Express that will enable its 100-million-plus mobile subscribers to pay for goods online using their phone numbers.

Nokia to Apple: From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee

Nokia’s obsession with Apple has officially crossed over into the Ahabian. Aghast at the U.S. International Trade Commission’s ruling on its first complaint against Apple, Nokia has filed a second, accusing Apple of infringing its patents “in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets, and computers.”

Nokia Slashes Prices

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