Mobilized Doesn’t Work Well With a Fever, and Apparently Neither Does Your iPhone

Like a kid with a fever, Apple’s iPhone has its own way of telling you when it doesn’t feel well enough to operate normally.

Opera Mini Returns to GetJar, With App Store Removed

GetJar is once again offering the Opera Mini browser, albeit with one big modification. GetJar pulled Opera’s browsers last month after Opera began offering a rival app store from within its mobile browsers. Now Opera is back on GetJar’s virtual shelves, but without the app store.

With Update Delays, Can Windows Phone Gain Ground on Google, Apple?

In the time since Microsoft released the first version of Windows Phone 7 last fall, Apple has managed to roll out a new version of the iPad as well as two updates to the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad. Google has introduced both Gingerbread for Android phones and Honeycomb for Android tablets. In that same time, Redmond has been struggling to get out just one rather modest feature update.

CTIA Notebook: Mobilized Meets the Muggles at Universal Orlando

It wasn’t all work and no play in Orlando. While there was plenty of news at the show–not to mention AT&T’s pre-show bombshell–Mobilized did manage to make a detour to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Verizon’s ThunderBolt Due to Strike March 17

Ending the uncertainty, Verizon confirmed that the first phone to run on its faster network will arrive on Thursday. The HTC ThunderBolt, which was shown off at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, will sell for $249. With the release of the ThunderBolt, Verizon is also detailing its data rates for phones running on the LTE network.

Pair of iPhone Filmmakers Try Their Hand at Editing on an iPad 2

Filmmakers Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James have based their whole operation around Apple’s gear. They film their series on an iPhone and distribute it via iTunes. With the release of the iPad 2, the pair decided to see what role Apple’s new tablet might be able to play. Here are their initial thoughts.

News Byte

Skype Rival Rebtel Hits 10 Million Users

Rebtel said late on Wednesday that it has hit 10 million users for its voice-over-Internet calling service and has now connected more than 200 million calls. Rebtel, which offers free and discount calling on a number of mobile devices, also offered up some financial numbers, saying it is profitable and 2010 revenue was $40 million, up 120 percent from a year earlier. The company said it expects 2011 revenue to reach $75 million.

It’s That Time of the Year: More Tax Apps Hit the Market

Fresh on the heels of an iPhone app for simple tax returns, Intuit introduces an iPad version of TurboTax for more complicated returns. Meanwhile, H&R Block teams with Pageonce to beam tax refund status to a mobile device.

Creepy Japanese Humanoid Cellphone Threatens Mobilized’s Friday Productivity

Researchers in Japan have created the Elfoid–a cell phone with a vaguely human shape and skin-like texture. Read the full story for all the icky details.

A Newbie’s Guide to Mobile World Congress, From a Barcelona Newbie

Headed to her first Mobile World Congress, Mobilized’s Ina Fried asks Barcelona veterans for their tips and advice on surviving the massive cellphone trade show.