Qualcomm Says China Is Investigating Whether Firm Broke Its Anti-Monopoly Law

CEO Paul Jacobs had said the company has been seeing fallout in China related to the NSA scandal and other U.S. government actions.


TV’s Unnatural Monopolies

The rationale for government regulation is collapsing in the face of technological change.

Apple App Store Monopoly Suit Undermined by Pesky “Detail”

Might want to prove that you purchased the apps at issue in your own suit before filing it …

FTC Reviewing Google’s Waze Acquisition


Lenovo’s Horizon PC Turns Your Coffee Table Into a Touchscreen Game Center

The Lenovo Horizon “tabletop” PC transforms your coffee table into a game center. But is it worth $1,700?

Apple: No, the App Store Is Not a Monopoly

Nothing wrong with a little vertical integration.

Predatory Lawsuits

This also falsely insinuates that craigslist broadly serves humanity as a “free” service, a grossly misleading characterization given craigslist’s accumulation of enormous and largely undisclosed profits, a pattern and practice of predatory lawsuits (such as this one) aimed at obstructing innovation.

— From a claim filed Monday against Craigslist by data company 3Taps, accusing Craigslist of perpetuating a monopoly. Craigslist filed a copyright complaint against 3Taps this summer.

News Byte

FTC’s Summer Grilling Menu: Google Guys

The Federal Trade Commission plans to question Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin as part of its antitrust inquiry into the company’s business practices. People familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg that the Google executives have already lawyered up for the depositions by retaining Williams & Connolly LLP, the Washington law firm that once represented President Bill Clinton. The agency is believed to have deposed Google Chairman Eric Schmidt earlier this week.

Behind the Curve: EA Finally Making Mobile Games Free This Year

Over the next year, Electronic Arts said, a majority of its mobile game titles will become free, representing a seismic shift away from the premium games market.

Google’s Schmidt at Senate Antitrust Hearing: Eric “Gets It!”

Google faces the antitrust music in Washington, D.C.