New FCC Boss Tom Wheeler Says He Represents the People, Not the Tech Industry (Interview)

The new FCC head addresses worries that his days as a cable- and wireless-industry lobbyist would make him more interested in industry concerns than in fighting for consumers’ rights.


EU to Launch Net Neutrality Strategy

New European rules on net neutrality will oblige Internet service providers to be transparent about connection speed and stop blocking competing services such as Microsoft Corp.’s Skype, European Union technology chief Neelie Kroes said Tuesday.

Genachowski’s FCC Tenure Featured Push to Open Wireless Spectrum (Video)

AllThingsD examines the legacy of Julius Genachowski, who on Friday announced his intent to step down as Federal Communications Commission Chairman.

Netflix Hits Its Q2 Numbers, and Wall Street Is Not Happy

Wall Street doesn’t like it one bit: NFLX trading down 14 percent.

Comcast Turns the Broadband Meter On, and Moves to Usage-Based Billing

Important for people who stream a whole lot of Internet video, or think they might one day.

Reed Hastings Goes After Comcast, Again, on Facebook. Again.

What better place to accuse the cable guys of violating Net neutrality?

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Senate Votes in Favor of Net Neutrality

The Senate on Thursday voted to keep in place the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, blocking a Republican-backed resolution that would have overturned them. The Senate voted 46-52 against the resolution, saving the White House the bother of vetoing it.

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White House Threatens Veto Over Net Neutrality

The White House on Tuesday said it will veto a Congressional resolution seeking to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, arguing that it would “undermine a fundamental part of the nation’s Open Internet and innovation strategy.” The pledge comes ahead of an expected Thursday Senate vote on a bill quarterbacked by Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchinson, which would repeal rules passed by the FCC last December intended to ensure that the Internet remains a free and open technology by allowing for some government regulation of it.


Net Neutrality Case Heads to D.C. Circuit Court

Efforts by public interest groups to get a legal challenge to the Federal Communications Commission’s new “net neutrality” rules heard somewhere other than the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit belly-flopped Thursday when the D.C. Court won the case in a random lottery.


FCC Sued Over “Net Neutrality”

A fresh legal salvo was fired Wednesday over recently published federal “net neutrality” rules restricting Internet providers from blocking or slowing traffic.

FCC Vote: Reactions Are Pouring In