Google Android Head Andy Rubin on Steve Jobs, Google Music and Moto: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

We’re posting the full videos from the recent AsiaD conference, starting with the opening-night speaker, Walt Mossberg’s interview with Google Android head Andy Rubin.

Dueling Facebook-Google Games Events Not So Dueling After All

When it comes to the battle between Facebook and Google, sometimes an event is just an event.

Cloudy With a Chance of Transformation: New Microsoft Server and Tools Head Satya Nadella Speaks!

After he was appointed the new president of Microsoft’s important Server and Tools Division from his top engineering post at its come-from-behind Bing search unit, Satya Nadella now finds himself a leader of a business that also needs to keep catching up too. In a wide-ranging interview with BoomTown yesterday, Nadella talked about both his four-year stint at Bing and how he looked forward the challenges of his new job.

PayPal Loses Top Payment Exec to Google, Appoints New Head

PayPal’s Osama Bedier has resigned after eight years at the eBay-owned company, and will take a job at Google.

Head Of Microsoft's Servers And Business Unit Leaving This Summer

Bob Muglia’s departure comes on the same day that Microsoft is previewing a new version of Dynamics.

Microsoft talks ARM at CES

Windows boss Steven Sinofsky took to the stage Wednesday to announce Microsoft’s efforts to broaden the types of chips on which the flagship operating system will run.

AT&T and Friends Talk Up 4G Network, New Devices

AT&T showed off a bunch of new devices on Wednesday, including a Motorola smartphone that can plug into a screen and keyboard and transform into a thin and light laptop-like device. AT&T also plans to accelerate development of a next-generation network.

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Motorola’s days as lone entity on the New York Stock Exchange are over. This morning the company’s long-planned split became official when Motorola Mobility Holdings, which handles the company’s mobile and consumer products business, and Motorola Solutions, which oversees next-generation communications products for enterprise and government, began trading under the tickers MMI and MSI, respectively. As of this writing, both are doing relatively well, with Motorola Mobility up more than 7 percent at $32.39 and Motorola Solutions up .23 percent at $37.40.

Mobilized Offers Some New Year’s Resolutions for the Mobile Industry

While I’m not privy to their actual New Year’s resolutons, here’s my list of what I imagine is making the lists in Cupertino, Espoo, Mountain View, Redmond, Seoul and elsewhere.

IPad 2: Start the 100-Day Hype Countdown

Industry sources are telling the occasionally reliable DigiTimes that Foxconn, Appleā€™s Chinese manufacturing partner, will begin shipping the next-generation tablet within the next 100 days in preparation for a spring debut that will follow the launch of the original iPad by about a year.

Live from Facebook's Email Messages Launch

Nokia’s Ari Jaaksi: MeeGo Home Now