Buying a Videogame Console on Black Friday? Here’s What You Need to Know.

A buyer’s guide to the deals you can get — and the differences among the game consoles — for anyone partaking in America’s consumerist holiday.

Nintendo Sells 400,000 Wii U Consoles in First Week

Will the fever last?

Nintendo Is Up Next: Wii U Event on Tap Tomorrow

Nintendo will broadcast the latest on its next-gen console starting tomorrow at 7 am PT.

Not-So-Super Mario: Nintendo 3DS Demand Fades as Sales Cross Five Million

The good news is that there are now five million 3DS owners in the wild, who are in theory still buying new games.

Nintendo Records Lifetime DS Sales of 50 Million in the U.S.

Nintendo’s latest sales update reveals that it has sold 50 million portable gaming systems over the lifetime of the system in the U.S. But is it enough?


You Sold Your Company, What Did You Buy First? Here’s What I Did.

Having some money all of a sudden is a weird thing. I’ve always wondered what entrepreneurs do when they hit it. What do they buy, if at all?


Nintendo Net Drops 66 Percent

Nintendo Co. said Monday full-year net profit was down for the second straight year, damped by sluggish sales of its DS handheld game device and Wii home console. The company also said it plans in 2012 to launch a home console to replace the Wii.

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Nintendo Sold 400,000 3-D Handheld Units in First Week

Nintendo sold almost 400,000 units of the 3DS, the new glasses-free 3-D handheld game unit, during its first week on sale, according to NPD Group. In comparison, the original DS system sold 460,000 units during the whole month of March, Nintendo confirmed. NPD estimated that the 3DS sold about 100,000 units less than the DS during its launch month, but that the DS benefited from being released during the holiday season and priced $100 less. Nintendo also said it sold 290,000 Wii consoles in March.

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What's Better Than One Screen? Two! Sprint Unveils Kyocera Echo.

Ahead of Apple’s iPhone launch on Verizon later this week, Sprint unveiled the Kyocera Echo, a dual-touchscreen smartphone. The Android phone, which looks a lot like a Nintendo DS, is being positioned against tablets because of better multitasking capabilities. It allows people to watch videos on one display while browsing on another. The Echo will be available this spring for $200 with a new contract. Monthly plans start at $80 for unlimited text, talk and data.


Nintendo Bets Big on Social DS System

The headline feature of Nintendo Co.’s forthcoming 3DS portable videogame system is the ability to play 3-D games without the need for eyewear, but it is the device’s ability to locate other players that may prove critical to its success.

Another Wiif for Nintendo

Video Game Sales Tank