Co.Lab Accelerator Gives Its First Class a Lesson in Pitching Educational Games

The nonprofit partnership between and the NewSchools Venture Fund welcomes its first class.
Motion Math Zoom

Watsi Receives $1.2M in Funding to Push Forward the Nonprofit Tech Startup

Other than the fact that it doesn’t want to make money, Watsi looks just like any other tech startup.

Old Media Doesn’t Get New Media, Chapter 203: The Sheryl Sandberg Attack

The relationship between old media and new media is, in the parlance of Facebook, complicated.

Medical Crowdfunding Site Watsi Becomes Y Combinator’s First Nonprofit Startup

“I’ve never been so excited about anything we’ve funded,” says YC chief Paul Graham.

Crowdfunding for a Cause: Nonprofits Can Now Hold Fundraisers on Crowdtilt

Crowdtilt says it is the first crowdfunding site to fully support charity fundraising.

RIM May Not Survive, but Its Founders’ Nonprofit Side Projects Will

Like the BlackBerry? Too bad. Fancy theoretical physics or global governance? RIM’s founders have funded two nonprofits that are on far more solid ground.


The Cost of Online Giving

Donating to a charity online may be costlier than you think.

Start-Up Rally Wants Your Cause to Raise Money Online, Even if Justin Bieber Isn’t Tweeting About It

There’s an old maxim in fundraising: It’s better to get one dollar from 100 supporters than it is to get $100 from one supporter. Or you can get a new online fundraising start-up called Rally to take advantage of the network effects of your real supporters.

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs Talks Firefox 4, Competition With Google's Chrome and More! (Video)

Yesterday, BoomTown paid a long overdue visit on the Mountain View, Calif., HQ of Mozilla, the unusual public-private company that makes the Firefox browser, to chat with its (relatively) new CEO Gary Kovacs (pictured here). There is a lot to talk about with the new exec, especially the near-to-official launch of Firefox 4, the increasing competition with Google and its Chrome efforts and where Mozilla goes next (mobile).

Demand Media's IPO Is On Deck, With Amended Filing

Demand Media, which posted its regulatory S-1 filing in August, filed an amended version today that is likely to allow it to move quickly to an initial public offering. It now must now wait for the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve the filing, after the which the execs of the Santa Monica, Calif.-based Demand will immediately to go on a road show for several weeks to try to convince investors to jump on board. Then, if there’s enough interest, the IPO is likely to come before the holidays.