Intel’s Mobile Ambitions to Dominate at Developers Conference

Can Intel recapture some of its old swagger?

Laptop Guide: Timing the Market and the Machines

It should be an easy time for laptop buyers, but the market is still pretty confusing and frustrating. Walt offers his guide to buying a new laptop.

Hackers Claim FBI Has List of 12 Million iPhone and iPad ID Numbers

If the claim by AntiSec bears out, the next question then becomes, what is the FBI doing with this information?

Back to School With Two Thin Laptops — One Pricey, One Not

These two new Windows laptops from Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard are aimed at different ends of the market.

A Look Back at IBM’s Palmisano Era and the China Strategy

Palmisano will be remembered as the man who sold IBM’s PC division to China’s Lenovo. Seven years later, it seems to have been a good trade for both parties.

Ultrabooks Bring Speed and Light to Windows

The Ultrabook combines low weight with good speed and battery life.

A New Milestone for the Mac: 5 Percent of the Global PC Market

Buoyed by increasing sales in enterprise and explosive growth in the Asia Pacific, the company’s share of the global PC market passed the 5 percent mark last quarter, for the first time in 15 years.

HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang Talks Android, Smartphones and More: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

The Taiwanese mobile device maker is trying to dominate the market for smartphones and tablets.

HP’s TouchPad: The Tablet That Refused to Die

A new deal bundling HP’s TouchPad tablet with its PCs is probably the device’s last hurrah. For real this time.

Apple: King of All Mobile PCs

If the iPad truly is a PC and not the “media tablet” that some claim, then Apple is the largest mobile PC vendor in the world. According to DisplaySearch, Apple shipped 10.2 million mobile PCs in the fourth quarter of 2010–iPads, MacBooks and MacBook Pros–to claim a 17.2 percent share of the mobile PC market. That makes it the new global leader.

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