Twitter Tries to Get Your Attention

Coming to your phone: Updates about stuff Twitter thinks you should care about.

With Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Watch of the Future Is Not Quite Here Yet

The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch does most of what it says it should do, and still doesn’t make a compelling case for a notification wristwatch.

Quip Is Great for Collaborating, but Still a Word-Processing Work in Progress

Quip is a new cloud-based word-processing app for the mobile age. Can it replace more mature products?
Quip Desktop

Evernote’s Phil Libin and Flipboard’s Mike McCue on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks

The two prominent Apple developers said there was a lot to like in Apple’s new software, but they will need more information to figure out just what it will mean for their products.

Urban Airship Nabs $25 Million in Additional Funding

August Capital is the latest investor in the Portland-based push notifications company.

Shocker! Another Smart Watch — This Time, Casio’s G-Shock.

The Bluetooth-equipped Casio is watch first, “smart” watch second.

Notifications as a Platform: Google’s New Field Trip App Pushes Fun Local Facts

Serendipitous, or annoying? That is the question.

Google: Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Is Like “Butter”

Google officially spills the beans on Jelly Bean.

Urban Airship Takes Customers for a Wild Ride

The mobile notifications vendor uses Apple’s developer conference as an opportunity to take its name a little more literally.

With Licensing Deal, Apple Patent Lawsuit Simply Vanishes Into Thin Air

Avoiding a trial in a lawsuit, Apple has taken a license to patents held by Texas-based SimpleAir. Naturally, all of the interesting terms and details are being kept confidential.

Better Gmail on the iPhone

Myspace Modernizes Mobile Site and App

Live from Facebook's Email Messages Launch