NPD Reports Year-Over-Year Decrease in Gaming Hardware, Increase in Software (Again)

The calm before the storm.

Are Gamers Waiting for the New Consoles, or Have They Moved On?

Will it ever again be the right time to launch a videogame console?

Xbox Remains Top Console in U.S., but PlayStation’s Strength Is Global

There’s no doubt about Xbox’s strength in the U.S., but internationally, the PlayStation still dominates.

Nintendo’s Wii U Outperforming the Original Wii, Only Because It Costs More

We can talk unit sales and profit later. How about those revenue numbers?

Xbox, PlayStation Doing Well Despite Pressure From Nintendo’s New Wii U

Last month, sales continued to be strong despite the fact that most of the hardware is six to seven years old, with the exception of Nintendo’s Wii U.

Xbox Still Holds Console Lead, but Here Comes the Next Generation

Will the Xbox be the best-selling videogame console for a 23rd straight month? With next-gen hardware on the way, there may be some fresh competition.

No Matter How You Define 4G, Most U.S. Smartphones Still Aren’t Running on It

Only a third of the smartphones sold in the U.S. supported any of the carriers’ faster networks, though that’s up from 6 percent in 2010.

SmugMug’s Camera Awesome App Sees Two Million Downloads in First Week

SmugMug’s new “awesomizing” photo app is getting an awesome response. (You knew that was coming.)

Activision CEO Hirshberg Says His Call of Duty Is to Take Creative Risks

Activision, as the maker of first-person shooter Call of Duty, took a risk bringing a children’s game to market. But Skylanders: Spryo’s Adventure has been totally worth it.

Lack of Major Videogame Launches in January Drags Down Sales

After a number of epic videogame launches prior to the holiday shopping season, publishers took a month off by not releasing any major titles during January.