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Microsoft Sells More Than Two Million Xbox Ones in First 18 Days

Here’s that sales stat we were waiting for: Microsoft announced today that it had sold more than two million Xbox One units worldwide in the 18 days since the new gaming console’s Nov. 22 debut. Last week, Sony said it had sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4s, which debuted a week earlier on Nov. 15. The Xbox One is currently available in 13 countries; the PS4 is in 32.

Microsoft’s Nokia Deal by the Numbers

Some figures of note beyond that $7.2 billion.

Arkadium Says Better Analytics Will Save Windows 8 Games

Why the 12-year-old studio is now getting into the numbers game.

Mobile Game Biz to Nintendo and Sony: Seasons? What Are Those?

A double whammy for the devices that used to define “mobile gaming.”

Mayer’s 10X Challenge: Yahoo’s Homepage, Mail and Search Traffic Show Significant Year-Over-Year Declines

The reality of traffic falloffs on key properties is a vexing issue.

Hall Pass: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Expectations in Third Quarter, As Investors Focus on Mayer’s Plans for What’s Next

Investors turn their lonely eyes to Marissa’s plan for revival.

As Yahoo Readies Doling Out Alibaba Billions to Shareholders, Mayer Memo Says Tech Reporters Can’t Add

One plus one equals — wait, I am stumped …

Liveblogging Yahoo’s Q2 Earnings: The 100 Percent Less Marissa Edition (Sigh)

Here’s the only news: No new CEO on the call.

By the Big Numbers: The Apple iPhone, Five Years Later (Infographic)

“Siri, what type of cake do smartphones eat?” One with a lot of candles. The iPhone’s fifth birthday, by the numbers.

Microsoft Office on iPad

For Yahoo (And Me, Too), Time Is Brain

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