A Big iPad Upgrade Cycle in the Offing?

The full-sized iPad’s installed base is ready for some new hardware.

Apple’s iTunes Match Still Sitting on Launchpad

So much for “late October.”

Only One New iPhone This Year and It Will Look a Lot Like the iPhone 4, Says Analyst

Apple will only launch one new iPhone this year, not two as others have claimed.

Consumers Still Love Last Year’s iPhone

With the iPhone 5’s October launch fast approaching, you’d expect demand for the iPhone 4 to be waning. Evidently the market’s not buying into that premise.

October. Oc … to … ber. Repeat After Me: Apple iPhone 5 to Launch in October.

Dear Everyone: Chillax, because, as we said, you’ll have to wait until October.

Verizon: We Expected the iPhone 5 in June, Too

Like most everyone else, Verizon expected Apple’s iPhone 5 a lot sooner.

Apple Q4 iPhone Sales: Is 30 Million in Reach?

That’s a pretty big number…

Apple Launching iPhone 5 in October

It’s an October surprise for the Apple iPhone 5.

Yahoo Search Share Down in Yet Another Month, While Microsoft Bing Gains Again

After Yahoo and Microsoft finally integrated their massive search technology and advertising partnership, comScore is reporting that Yahoo’s explicit core search share in the U.S. had declined in December. Which was down from November, which was down from October, which was down from September, which was down from August….You get the picture.

Microsoft Lines Up AT&T, Orange for October Windows Phone 7 Launch

Microsoft has set a hard date for the launch of its new Windows Phone 7 operating system: October 11. “People familiar with the launch plans” tell The Wall Street Journal that the company will debut the OS at an event in New York that day and announce AT&T as the exclusive carrier of the first smartphones to run it–one from HTC, another from LG and a third from Samsung.

The Chips Are Up, Redux

Dell Dials Up Smartphones

Video Game Sales Tank

Bing Back With a Bang

Gmail Exits Beta