Full Pokki Suite Will Be Preloaded on All Lenovo PCs, With Native Windows App Support in Store

Another big OEM partnership for the mobile-experience-on-your-desktop startup.
pokki logo

Valve’s Gabe Newell on the Future of Games, Wearable Computers, Windows 8 and More

Last night, Gabe Newell unveiled some of Valve’s most quirky and secretive projects in an interview onstage with Ed Fries, former VP of game publishing at Microsoft.

Ballmer: “Surface Is Just a Design Point”

But have fun competing against it, guys!

Microsoft Partner Acer Says Surface Will Sink

Acer lashes out at Microsoft’s move to design, build and market its own tablet.

Intel Capital, Condé Nast Owner Invest $30 Million in Kno; Intel to Consult on Student Tablet Hardware

According to sources close to the situation, Intel Capital and Advance Publications will lead a $30 million investment round in Kno, the high-profile student tablet start-up. In addition to the funding from its venture capital ark, Intel itself will license the hardware design of Kno, which will now focus on its software to manage the devices that are aimed at the college market.

Nokia’s Microsoft Partnership: Does the New Strategy Add Up?

Nokia has already announced the key piece of its strategy–a shift to Windows Phone for its future smartphones. Now the company is set to talk about the financial implications of that and go through the rest of its strategy, which includes a mix of Symbian and even a dash of MeeGo. Mobilized has live coverage of the event, which started at around 4 am PT, or noon here in London.

2011: The Year of Too Many Tablets

I’m not quite sure how to view this list of tablets that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month–as a monument to competitive spirit and move-the-story-forward innovation or as a memorial to vaporware. Either way, this canonical categorizing of the multiplicity of slates and e-readers by CEA Chief Economist and Director of Research Shawn DuBravac is pretty stunning.

Win7 Win: Microsoft Recovers From Vista Stumble

A year after it first shipped, Windows 7 continues to be the commercial success that Windows Vista never was. Microsoft boasted today that it’s sold (or rather sold and pre-installed) more than 240 million Windows 7 licenses to date, making it the fastest-selling OS ever.

Apple Has $51 Billion and a Shopping List. Is Facebook on It?

Steve Jobs told analysts that he’s hanging on to his giant cash hoard for a rainy day–and a couple specific things he’d like to buy. Perhaps he’s discussed this with Mark Zuckerberg…
Steve Jobs from iPhone 4 antenna press conference

Good Luck With That Alleged Antitrust Complaint Against Apple, Adobe…

“The first question that needs to be answered is ‘Does Apple have monopoly power in this market?'” That’s what Harry First, the Charles L. Denison Professor of Law at New York University School of Law, told me when I asked him if Adobe’s rumored antitrust complaint against Apple had any legs. Today, we have the answer to First’s question: No.

A Palliative for Palm

Analyst Favors iPhone Carrier Polyamory

404: Intel General Counsel Not Found