I Want My LanceTV

Tomorrow is national “Do I even get the Oprah Network?” day for cyclists everywhere.

Matt Haughey, via Twitter

Exclusive: Pinterest Closes New $27M Round With Andreessen Horowitz Valuing Start-Up at $200M

That’ll buy a lot of digital pushpins.

Fade to Black…This Is How It Ends for the Flip Digital Video Camera?

Cisco Systems always seemed a strange owner for Pure Digital, the company that made the Flip video camera. The biggest question left over from Cisco’s announcement that it will shut the Flip business down is this: Why didn’t Cisco try to sell it to someone else?

Nordstrom and Oprah Take Groupon Down

Groupon has been slow or completely down for the last two hours. The leading daily deal site is today featuring a deal for half off at Nordstrom Rack (spend $25 and get a coupon worth $50). It’s a somewhat ironic situation given Groupon is known for physically overwhelming retailers with its armies of deal buyers.

Jon Stewart's Media Critique: The Rally to Restore Sanity Speech

Jon Stewart’s problem with cable TV, brought to you by cable TV.

Liveblogging the Unveiling of the SFund at Facebook (With Guest Stars: Kleiner, Amazon and Zynga)

BoomTown had to park a badillion miles away from Facebook’s suburban HQ in Palo Alto, and hoofed it there for a press event that unveiled the sFund. What’s that? A $250 million fund for social start-ups. Party on.

News Byte

Discovery Ups Oprah Money, Gets More Oprah in Return

Discovery Communications, which is spending a lot of money to launch a new cable network with Oprah Winfrey, says it will be spending even more: Via an SEC filing, the cable guys say they will increase their funding commitment from $100 million to $189 million. In return, Oprah promises to be more visible on the network. Which makes sense, since its the only reason people will want to watch something called “Oprah Winfrey Network”.

Time Inc.'s iPad Problem Is Trouble for Every Magazine Publisher

Time Inc. likes to show off its iPad apps as a symbol of the company’s future. But inside the publisher, the digital editions have become a source of hair-pulling frustration. That’s because the magazine giant has been unable to get Apple to let it sell and manage subscriptions for its iPad apps–much to Time Inc.’s surprise.

Exclusive: Tyra Banks Picks Demand Media as America’s Next Top Digital Business Model

Well-known modeling icon Tyra Banks has struck a partnership with Demand Media to create a new digital content brand focused on fashion and beauty. The deal between the Santa Monica-based digital content maker and Banks’ Bankable beauty and entertainment company will include the development of a Web site, online video offerings and mobile applications.

BlackBerry Figures That Maybe There’s Something to This Twitter Thing, After All

Are you a BlackBerry user who wants to Twitter, too? Hang tight: Research in Motion promises you’ll have an official app sometime soon.

Twitter Business Plan Count-Up: Day 1!