Transferring Video to a PC

Walt answers a reader who wants to know how to transfer videotape material to a PC.

Meh Is the New Up: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Q2 Expectations and Lowers Guidance

Revenue growth continues to elude the Silicon Valley Internet giant.

Microsoft: Your Privacy Is Our Priority. No, Seriously. Stop Laughing!

Microsoft responds to a Guardian report saying that it helps the NSA and FBI spy on consumers who use its services.

Yahoo Acquires Xobni for Upward of $30 Million


Yahoo Offer to Buy Contact Startup Xobni Is at a Price of $30M to $40M

Yahoo’s new HR rule: If you can’t hire them, buy their company.

Microsoft to Offer Discounted Windows and Office for Small Tablets, While Windows RT Gets Outlook

Redmond is taking some pretty dramatic steps to make small Windows tablets more affordable and usable.


The Building Is the New Server

SaaS will win the enterprise market.

Microsoft’s New Email Service Having Some Hiccups

Users of the Hotmail replacement say they have been encountering error messages since earlier this evening.

A Fresh New Office Finds a Place in the Cloud

Microsoft’s newest version of Office is a radical change from previous versions. It’s more closely tied to the cloud and has a surprising new price model.

Saying Goodbye to Online Lurking