Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me: Yahoo’s Latest New Homepage Redesign Tries Dramatic Interactive Tile Look

Apparently, imitation of Flipboard, Window 8, Pinterest, Wonderwall and more is the sincerest form of flattery.

Meet Billy, the Bison Mark Zuckerberg Shot and Hung On Sheryl Sandberg’s Wall

What’s worse than getting an unsolicited a poke on Facebook? Getting shot, killed, eaten and having your head mounted on a wall by its famous founder, that’s what!

Yahoo’s Product Runway: Are You In or Out?

I am here at Yahoo HQ in Sunnyvale, Calif., to check out “Product Runway,” which is the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s attempt to show that it can still innovate.

It’s Called Google Propeller and It’s Aimed at Flipboard (and Facebook, Too, Natch)

Whhhheeeeeeeee! Up, up in the sky, its Google’s Flipboard killer, which also might strafe Facebook, too!

A Social Update From AllThingsD’s Social Media Editor

Today, we’re updating social media on AllThingsD, and I’ll be your guide to all the changes.

The Future of Social Media at AllThingsD

AllThingsD has undergone a few changes to the social media on our site.

Liveblogging Yahoo's Q1 Earnings Call: Get Me to Funky Town

MicroHoo is funky! At least according to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on the Silicon Valley search giant’s first-quarter earnings conference call about its recent financial performance. Yahoo’s results showed a continued worrisome revenue growth stall, due in large part to a search advertising fall-off, and a still-turning turnaround.

Released Google Exec Speaks on His Role in Egyptian Protests (Video and Transcripts)

Wearing a T-shirt bearing his employer’s name, Google executive Wael Ghonim spoke with reporters after being released today from 12 days of detention for his role in protests against the Egyptian government.

PayPal Introducing "Social Way to Shop"

The D8 Site Is Now Live

The D8 Site Is Now Live