Earnings and Revenue Down — Yahoo Delivers on Expected Lackluster Third Quarter

No surprise, which should not be a surprise.

Yahoo Q2 Earnings Call: The Marissa and Ken Show, Now in Living Color

Hiyo, if you will, for the Internet age.

Meh Is the New Up: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Q2 Expectations and Lowers Guidance

Revenue growth continues to elude the Silicon Valley Internet giant.

Mobile App Kapture Wants to Pay You to Take Photos of Yourself (With Brands, of Course)

If you’re guilty of puckering up to your smartphone camera, you might as well get rewarded for it.

Zynga’s Draw Something Slingshots Past Angry Birds in App Store

Maybe now critics will stop saying that Zynga overpaid for it.

WolframAlpha’s Stephen Wolfram Talks About New Paid Knowledge Engine (Video)

The techie’s techie is now offering a pro version, so you can be even geekier than ever.

As Yahoo Ponders Its Fate Endlessly — Selling Off Yahoo Japan Stake Is Suddenly Its Easiest Option

Would the sale of its Japanese asset give the Silicon Valley Internet giant at least one silver lining amidst the many dark clouds?

Asana Launches to Public — Finally Moving Out of Private Beta

In Sanskrit, “asana” means “sitting down” and refers to strong but relaxed postures in yoga, presumably so frustrated workers can achieve a digital form of nirvana.

Liveblogging Yahoo's Q1 Earnings Call: Get Me to Funky Town

MicroHoo is funky! At least according to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on the Silicon Valley search giant’s first-quarter earnings conference call about its recent financial performance. Yahoo’s results showed a continued worrisome revenue growth stall, due in large part to a search advertising fall-off, and a still-turning turnaround.