You’ve Come a Long Way, Silicon Valley

Katie looks back at how products geared to women shaped the technology industry.

Whitman Says HP Has to Do a Smartphone Again (Video)

And no, HP won’t be buying RIM. (Whew!)

Will Nokia’s New Lumias Mark a Turning Point for Wireless Charging Standard?

Nokia’s adoption of the Qi wireless charging standard could give it the boost it needs to evolve beyond niche status.

Remember the Parrot!

There’s lots of cool stuff on display at CES this week. But bear in mind that lots of it will be DOA–or worse, it will never arrive, period.

Moving Data to a New PC and Syncing iTunes to Other Smartphones

Walt answers readers’ questions on transferring files and programs to a new PC and syncing iTunes with non-Apple smartphones.

Verizon Narrows Kin Target to Thrifty Young and Social Users

What does Generation Upload think of Kin, the social media phone Microsoft designed for it? Evidently not very much, because Verizon is cutting its prices barely a month after bringing it to market. Over the weekend, the carrier quietly reduced the price of both Kin models, dropping the Kin One to $29 from $49 and the Kin Two to $49 from $99.


Palm: Pre Plus Price Down to $29.99 on

The price of Palm handsets just keeps dropping. Last time I checked, in late February, you could get yourself a Pre or Pre Plus for just $69.99 with a two-year contract through Wal-Mart. But that was light years ago in the rapidly eroding world Palm finds itself in.


Palm: Sales Well Short of Targets at Verizon, Canaccord Says

Sales of Palm smart phones at Verizon Wireless are coming in well short of targets, according to Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek. Misek told his firm sales force [Wednesday] afternoon–and then told me–that he thinks sales of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus so far are less than 50 percent of Palm’s target levels.

Next iPhone Could Include Flash (Not the Adobe Kind)

Google’s Nexus One, Palm’s Pre, and Motorola’s Droid all ship with an LED flash beside their cameras and the next iPhone may as well. That’s the word from AppleInsider, which claims some insight into the next iteration of Apple’s iconic device.


Syncing to a New Low

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site. (Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

More Measly Gains for Bing

Apple to Palm: Talk to the Hand

Intel and Nokia, Sitting in a Tree

Apple: 1 Million 3GS Handsets Sold


Rubinstein and McNamee: Remaking Palm