Longtime AOL Exec Jon Brod Headed Out

One of Tim Armstrong’s closest allies says goodbye after four years.

AOL’s Susan Lyne on Trying to Make Bank With Online Content and More! (Video)

Also, what’s up with Patch?

Apple Posts Fix for Mountain Lion Update That Caused Webcam Problems

The patch aims to solve an issue with Mac OS X 10.8.6 which caused the camera on the latest Mac Book Air laptops to stop working.

New Media Pink Slips Cost Less Than Old Media Pink Slips

AOL is spending as much as $18 mm to fire up to 500 people. Time Inc spent $60 million when it made the same-sized cuts.

AOL Starts Patch Cuts, and Up to 500 People May Lose Their Jobs

AOL says it is keeping 60 percent of its local news sites. But it is cutting 350 jobs today, and more are in limbo as it looks for media partners.

AOL’s Patch Layoffs Coming Friday

Last week, AOL said it would shutter or find partners for up to 400 of its local news sites.

Tim Armstrong Apologizes for Publicly Firing Patch Employee

“At a human level it was unfair,” says the AOL CEO. But Abel Lenz is still fired.

400 Patch Sites on the Block, AOL Says

They’ll be shuttered or handed off to a partner, Tim Armstrong says.

Bitly Names New CEO, Mark Josephson of Outside.in and AOL’s Patch

The link-shortening company has a new leader.


“Hands-Off”: The Impossible Promise

Inside Yahoo, Tumblr will be caught in the tectonic grinding of conflicting interests.

CES Hangover: What You Might Have Missed