Ringya Makes Organizing Mobile Contact Lists Easier

Ringya wants to build a better mousetrap for one of your phone’s most commonly overlooked features.

History Repeats Itself at Hewlett-Packard webOS Unit

Leaked internal memos elucidate Hewlett-Packard’s plans for the future — such as it is — for the different pieces of its webOS business.

Steve Jobs Through the Years: Highlights and Clips From the D Conference

Since the inception of the D: All Things Digital conference in 2003, Steve Jobs was a frequent guest onstage, and his appearances make for some of our most popular videos. Here are some favorites.

Palm Chief: By Birthright, Palm Should Have Owned the Smartphone Market

What Palm chief Jon Rubinstein’s appearance at Web 2.0 Summit today lacked in news, it made up for somewhat in perspective–on the mobile space, Palm’s smartphone birthright, its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard and its future under HP.

Phones Without Internet

Walt answers readers’ questions on Internet-free cellphones, upgrading a netbook and the limitations of running Windows on a Mac.

HTC Sues Apple: The Complaint and Patents [DOC]

Earlier this morning, HTC said it has filed suit against Apple, accusing the company of infringing on five of its patents. After the jump, a copy of the suit and a list of the intellectual property at issue in it.

Is Running Windows on a Mac Secure?

Walter S. Mossberg answers questions about security when running Windows on a Mac, finding an old-fashioned PDA and e-readers that are compatible with free e-books.

Before the Tablet: Apple's Steve Jobs in 2004 Talks About Not Doing Another Newton (Video)

Before Steve Jobs unveils his latest and perhaps greatest creation–which is expected to be a tablet computer–later today at a massively hyped event in San Francisco, you might want to peruse this video clip, unearthed from our archives by the crack All Things Digital team, in which the legendary Apple CEO said he was glad he did not do another single-screen PDA-like device after the Newton debacle. In an interview with Walt Mossberg at the second D: All Things Digital conference in May 2004, Jobs said definitively: “I’m as proud of the products that we have not done as the ones we have done.”

Nook E-Reader Has Potential, but Needs Work

Barnes & Noble’s new e-reader has Wi-Fi and allows users to lend books, but it’s slower and less polished than its Kindle competitor, writes Walt Mossberg.

OMFG: 4.1 Billion Text Messages Sent Every Day in U.S.

Some 740 billion text messages were sent in the first half of 2009 in the U.S. This according to the CTIA’s semiannual wireless industry survey, which helpfully breaks down that astonishing figure to an even more astonishing 4.1 billion texts per day. That’s about double the number sent during the same period last year.

Palm: Execution Is Everything

Dude, Your Phone Is Dull

Kara Visits London (to See the Queen Again)

Word in The Hand

Hasta la Vista

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