Nearly a Year After IPO, Workday Appears to Be Working Out

A day before a quarterly report, checking in on last year’s biggest cloud IPO.

Workday Takes Off Like a Rocket, and CEOs Like Its Model

Shares of the cloud-based human capital management software company were up 75 percent in late trading as it made its debut.

Workday Expected to Price IPO Today, Start Trading Tomorrow

Let the growing matchup with Oracle begin.

Workday Raises Share Price Range Ahead of Imminent IPO, Nears $5 Billion Valuation

The cloud-based human resources software player will price any day now.

Workday Valued at $3.6 Billion in Latest IPO Filing

The pace quickens in Workday’s march to a debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

Oracle Looks to Conquer the Cloud as OpenWorld Conference Gets Under Way

A key week for Oracle starts Sunday as its conference begins with a keynote from CEO Larry Ellison.

Like We Said: Workday Will File for Its IPO This Summer

The Workday IPO engine continues to rev up.

Exclusive: Workday Picks Its Bankers for a Fall 2012 IPO

Having started a search for bankers in December, Workday has settled on four who will take it through the IPO process, starting with an S-1 filing expected in mid-July.

Oracle Acquires Taleo for $1.9 Billion

In the wake of last year’s SAP-SuccessFactors deal, Taleo was said to be the next company to be acquired. Funny how these things work out.

Workday Is Looking for Bankers to Help It Go IPO in 2012

The wait begins for one of the most anticipated IPOs of 2012.

Oracle Rests SAP Case, Slams HP CEO

Oracle, SAP and the Apotheker Sideshow