How Low Will Prem Watsa’s BlackBerry Offer Go?

Prem Watsa’s consortium offered $9 per share for BlackBerry. But will it actually pay that?

Next-Gen iPhone Production Kicks Into Gear; Will There Be a Mid-Tier iPhone, Too?

iPhone 5s with a side order of lower-cost iPhone.

Among Analysts, Price-Target Cuts Are the Latest Apple Fad

“Solid iPhone 4/4S demand and mixed iPhone 5 demand.”
Sweeney Todd

Belt-Tightening in Europe Bolsters Case for Cheaper iPhone

“The days of easy iPhone sales are over.” Are they, really?

Ray of Hope? Carriers Seem to Like BlackBerry 10.

Point, counterpoint. BB10 has a 20 percent to 30 percent probability of success. No it doesn’t.

BlackBerry 10 Release Will Likely Slip Into March

It’s looking more and more like BlackBerry 10 will ship closer to the end of Q1 2013 than the beginning.

Still Not Enough iPhone 5s to Go Around

Two weeks after its retail debut, the iPhone 5 continues to be difficult to come by.

Ahead of Big Meeting With Analysts, Another “Sell” Rating Appears on HP Shares

With less than a week to go before a key update from HP management, one analyst loses confidence in HP’s turnaround prospects.

Apple’s Biggest iPhone 5 Surprise: An Aggressive Rollout Schedule

Nine key markets to start, 100 by the end of the year.

Apple’s Patent Win Leaves Android Camp to Slog Through the FUD

Time to pay a lot more attention to your OS partners’ patent portfolios, handset makers.

Apple’s iTV Could Have a Sharp Picture

Palm Running Out of Time–Again