Despite Controversy in Austin and Philly, Ride-Sharing Service SideCar Expands to Boston, Brooklyn and Chicago

SideCar’s last two launches included a sting, a lawsuit and 20,000 free rides requested, so this should be exciting.

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Philly Tries to Curb Peer-to-Peer Ride-Sharing Company SideCar

In an episode that was probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, inspectors on Saturday conducted a sting operation on SideCar peer-to-peer drivers, impounding three cars and citing the three drivers for offering illegal taxi services. SideCar, which had just launched in Philly, will continue to operate next weekend, said CEO Sunil Paul.

First Round Capital Funds Another $500K Student-Run Venture Fund in New York

Dorm Room Fund gives students $500,000 to invest in each other.

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Yelp to Add Health Inspection Data to Restaurant Listings in San Francisco, New York

In a partnership with the San Francisco mayor’s office, Yelp will soon include health score information to restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The move is part of a broader initiative by Mayor Ed Lee, who has angled for better ways to put publicly available government-collected data in front of consumers. The initiative will also expand to New York City in the coming weeks, and Yelp expects Philadelphia to follow suit, as well.

HP Enterprise Sales Veteran Frank Rauch Leaves. We Got Your Memo.

The shake-up in HP’s Enterprise Group continues.

Hurricane Irene Is Over; Power Still Out for Many

Hurricane Irene is now a memory, but the mess it left will take days if not weeks to clean up.

Philadelphia Looks to Condom-Locating iPhone App to Help Slow Spread of AIDS

Public health officials in Philly hope that technology can play a role in slowing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The city is partnering with iCondom on an iPhone app that helps those on the go locate free condoms nearby, a move it is hoping will lead more young people to practice safe sex.

Exclusive: Comcast's Top Digital Exec Amy Banse to Open New Silicon Valley Equity Fund for Cable Giant and NBC

Amy Banse, currently the president of Comcast Interactive Media, is shifting into a job as head of a new Silicon Valley-based equity fund aimed at making digital investments for the television cable giant, as well as its new NBC Universal unit, according to sources with knowledge of the plans. As part of the shift, sources said, Banse will be charged with combining two existing corporate investment funds: NBC U’s Peacock Equity and Comcast Interactive Capital.

How to Watch Free, Live Broadcast TV on Your iPad, Right Now

The broadcast networks only put their stuff on the Web under very specific conditions. So this is exactly what they don’t want: Free, live streams of their stuff delivered to your iPad, via the browser.

Today's Deal of the Day Debut: DailyCandy, Of Course

There are now so many Groupon-like Daily Deal start-ups that it’s nearly impossible to track them all. And here’s another one! It’s from DailyCandy, and it will start up next month.

NBC U Perks Up a Bit for Its New Owners

Exclusive: Google Buys Invite Media