WhatsApp, Snapchat and the Real “Second Screen” — 10 Things You Missed at Day Two of Dive Into Mobile

A quick catch-up guide to the second and final day of our global mobile conference.
Ondrejka, right, with Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer


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Companies are using various ploys to dupe employees into committing unsafe computing as a way to train them not to be so easily fooled.

News Byte

In Wake of Corporate Hacks, Twitter Steps Up Email Security

Twitter has implemented a new security technology in the official emails sent to its users, the company announced on Thursday, making it less likely for users to receive fake spam emails from a Twitter.com email address. It’s a fight to combat password phishing, especially in an escalating series of hacking incidents over the past few months.

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Email Giants Move to Slash “Phishing”

Email-service providers Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and AOL Inc. are backing a new effort intended to dramatically reduce “phishing” emails — which attempt to trick recipients into thinking they come from a legitimate source.

Lookout Inks Deal With Sprint, Launches Safe Browsing Service

While avoiding phishing scams on the desktop has gotten easier, thanks to improvements on the browser, it can be hard to spot such attacks on a mobile device. Lookout Mobile Security said it hopes to change that with a safe browsing feature it is adding to its premium paid service. The smartphone software startup has also landed a deal to be featured from within Sprint’s online storefront.


Google Discloses China-Based “Hijacking” of Gmail Accounts

Google Inc. said hundreds of users of its email service were tricked into sharing their passwords with “bad actors” based in China, potentially further complicating relations between the Internet giant and the country with the highest number of Internet users.

Worries About Phishing Attacks Rise as Epsilon Data Breach Mess Goes On

More companies are drawn into the Epsilon data breach. But don’t worry. Its parent, Allied Data Systems, says it expects “minimal impact” on its operations. Meanwhile, worries about phishing attacks against consumers remain high.

RSA Explains How It Was Hacked

The security company RSA has described in detail how it came under the “extremely sophisticated attack” it first disclosed last month. Still unclear is what data was taken, and how seriously its products may or may not have been affected.

Google Apps Adds an Anti-Spam Weapon to Its Arsenal

Google Apps email users now have an easy way to vouch for the messages they send, making them less likely to get tangled up in overly aggressive spam filters.