Google Killing Off a Few More Products in Some Late Fall Spring Cleaning

An advertising service for RSS feeds and changes to Google Drive storage limits are among the latest changes Google is making to its slate of services.

A Hangout for All Your Social-Network Photos

Katie tests two products that pull in and back up photos and videos from various social networks.

Move Over, Picasa

Walt answers a reader’s question on moving Picasa photos to the iPad.

Larry Page Seems to Be Running Low on Products to Kill

Today, Google published another “spring cleaning” list of products it is purging, but the company seems to be running low on clear and easy things to cut.

Exclusive: Backupify Closes $5 Million in Round Led by Avalon Ventures

Even in the cloud, data gets deleted by mistake. Backupify aims to have your back.

What To Do After MobileMe Goes Away?

Walt answers a reader’s question on what to do with data stored on MobileMe after it goes away.

Mining Facebook to Make a Real Photo Album

Katie tests an effort by photo-sharing sites to import photos from none other than Facebook, itself.

Internet Access in Hotel Rooms

Walt answers readers’ questions on Internet access in hotel rooms, getting more hard-drive space and what to do with duplicate digital photos.

Do We Need a Better Way to View Facebook Photos?

The average Facebook user has access to more than 100,000 photos taken of or shared by their friends, by one startup’s count. Pixable has endeavored to create a slideshow application that gives users a way to search, sort and see which pictures are most popular.

The Social Web's Big New Theme for 2011: Multiple Identities for Everyone!

Even as Facebook extended its dominance in 2010 to the point where it seems to have a social Web monopoly, it was a landmark year for social network competition. Where in the past, tech industry watchers derided new start-ups for launching “yet another social network,” an increasing number of users seem to be constructing multiple online presences that utilize the strengths of various platforms and networks.

Motorola’s DEVOUR: WINR or LOZR?

The Motorola CLIQ: WINR or LOZR?

Return of the Steve