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Ping App Aims to Turn Personal Emails Into Chat Threads

Ping, an iPhone app that treats emails like mobile message streams, launches today. In addition to importing regular email from various cloud services and sorting out bulk messages, the app includes voice recording, video chat and doodling — as well as custom notifications for individual senders and groups. Co-founder Erez Pilosof had previously co-founded the influential Israeli Internet portal Walla, which had been an early competitor with Gmail.

Apple’s Next Battleground Isn’t TV; It’s Web Services

Great Web services are as critical to Apple’s success as great hardware.

Viral Video: The Scott-Also-Isn’t-Sorry-for-Posting-These iPad Mini Spoofs

Let’s also lay the whole Ping debacle on the former software head.

Apple’s iRadio: The Case Against Pandora Panic

Pandora investors flipped out yesterday after a new report about Apple’s music plans. Consider this post a digital Xanax.

Yes, Apple’s Chomp Has Bitten the Dust

Apple confirms it has fully discontinued the app-finding service it acquired. Some of the service’s technology will live on in the App Store.

R.I.P. Ping (September 2010-September 2012)

It won’t be missed.

Apple’s Ping to End With a Thud in Next Release of iTunes

Apple plans to abandon Ping, its failed social networking service for music.

Man, Smartphones Just Don’t Shut Up

It’s not just that modern smartphones are gobbling up tons of data. Another part of their challenge to wireless networks is that they are constantly pinging the network.

What’s In Store for Technology in 2011

Walt looks at the products and competitive positions of key contenders as they enter a new year.

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Apple Adds Twitter to Ping. Still Waiting on Facebook…

What took you so long? Apple has linked up Twitter with Ping, a move Steve Jobs should have made before he ever launched his social music service. So now Ping users can tell their Twitter pals about music they like, and use Twitter to find other folks who might be using Ping. Ping still has a long way to go–most important, it needs to integrate directly with Facebook–but if it has any chance of working, this is an essential step.

Motorola Sues Apple Over…Everything

Lawsuit Non-News! PING Golf Won't Sue Apple