Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

New York’s finest like the iPhone’s Activation Lock feature.


Some Police Keep Car-Tracking Data Forever

Across the U.S., police increasingly use license-plate reading technology that can track the movements of cars. And according to documents released Wednesday, local authorities have a patchwork of rules for storing and using the data, with some deleting it almost immediately and others keeping it indefinitely.

Apple Discloses Government Requests on as Many as 10,000 Accounts

An average of two accounts per request.

Videos Show Tense Minutes Before Boston Bombing Suspect Capture

Fascinating pictures.

How a Webcam Pointed at a Police Radio Won the Internet Friday

How’s that for Breaking News?

Sandy Video of the Day (So Far): Helicopter Rooftop Rescues in Staten Island

On YouTube, courtesy of the NYPD.


High Court Backs Privacy Rights in GPS Case

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that police must obtain a warrant before attaching a GPS tracker to a suspect’s vehicle, voting unanimously in one of the first major cases to test constitutional privacy rights in the digital age.


Police Search for Missing Apple Prototype

Police officers and Apple Inc. employees recently visited a San Francisco residence in a search for a prototype of one of the tech giant’s devices that had been traced to a local home, but left empty handed.

U.K. Arrests Two More Suspected Members of LulzSec

Police in the U.K. make the second pair of arrests in as many days in their ongoing investigation into the activities of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacker gangs.

FCC Launches Inquiry Into BART Wireless Service Shutdown

The Federal Communications Commission is looking into the circumstances of a shutdown of wireless phone service at four San Francisco train stations during a protest.