Poll: Is Twitter List Spam Getting Out of Control?

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Vote on New Brangelina-Style Name for Tumblr and Yahoo: Yahumblr … TumHoo … Ham.Yum! … Swishr?

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One More Election Prediction, From — No, Not Nate Silver or Karl Rove — SurveyMonkey

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Say It Loud: ATD Relaunches the “Voices” Section

Today, we relaunch a fresh, new “Voices” section to bring you even more writing and information from outside sources. Offering six regular features, Voices will be run by senior editor Beth Callaghan.

Survey Says: Yes on iPad 3 (Not So Much on Final “Twilight”)

Respondents want a bite of the Apple, but not of a newborn vampire.

Poll: Will You Buy the iPad 3? (Plus, Cool Concept Video.)

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No to YESS — Yahoo Employee Satisfaction Survey Shows Morale Morass

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Apple Brand Ascendent, While Yahoo’s Is in Marketing Retrograde

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One in Five to Own Tablet by 2014, Poll Finds

Here's a Promoted Tweet Survey From TWTRCON