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After British Criticism, Google Assembled Team of 200 to Fight Child Pornography

Four months after U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron called for search companies to step up their fight against child pornography, Microsoft and Google are announcing that they have cleaned up results for 100,000 potential queries, with Microsoft contributing picture-detection technology and Google’s YouTube contributing video identification. Showing warnings to searchers has also reportedly already led to a drop-off of 20 percent in such activity. In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said Google put together a team of 200 people in the past three months to address the problem.

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Apple Named in China Porn App Investigation

Apple Inc. is once again in the pages of the People’s Daily, this time in an article listing a number of websites and app stores that have been investigated for providing pornographic content in China.

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Photo App 500px Gets the Boot for Showing Booty

Photo-sharing app 500px, a favorite of the professional and “prosumer” photo-snapping crowd, has been removed from Apple’s App Store for nude photos that were in apparent violation of the company’s no-pornography policy. Apple said in a statement that it had received “customer complaints about possible child pornography” and that it has asked 500px to put safeguards in place to prevent these images from displaying. The Verge has reported that 500px says it is working on a fix. An employee of Toronto-based 500px has taken to Twitter to emphasize that the company’s app is still available on Android mobile devices.

Apple's Ping Wants Rock ‘n’ Roll, but No Sex and Drugs

When it comes to creating profiles on its would-be social network, Apple doesn’t want music acts thinking that differently.


What Does It Cost Go Daddy to Leave China?

Go Daddy, the large Internet domain registration company known for its sexy TV ads, announced on Wednesday that it was going where so far only Google has been willing to go: out of China. During a hearing in Washington of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Go Daddy’s General Counsel Christine Jones told members of Congress that her company would discontinue offering new “.cn” domain registrations in China.


China Offers Rewards for Online Porn Informers

The latest tactic in China’s ongoing battle against online pornography: cash. Authorities are now offering rewards to informers who provide tips about pornographic Web sites, the state-run Xinhua news agency reports (in English and Chinese).


People's Daily Site Accuses Google of "Malicious Revenge"

Google has seen its fair share of troubles in China, from having its flagship search engine blocked to being scolded for peddling pornography. Last week, the Chinese Written Works Copyright Society accused the company of infringing the rights of Chinese authors through its Google Books project.

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